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All About Intersex

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  1. […] Unlike variations in internal processes, though, variations¬†in genitalia are typically identified at birth. Because a medical doctor at the time of delivery does not have the means to immediately examine, say, chromosomes or uterine structure, an infant child will be first assigned a medical “sex” based purely on the appearance of their genitalia. In many cases, the genitalia is consistent in form¬†with either a vulva or a penis, in which case that child would be declared a girl or boy. However, not all genitalia adhere to these respects. If the genitals of a newborn appear to bear features of both forms, or if the makeup of the genitalia appears ambiguous enough to be indeterminate, the child is intersex. [8] Because intersex designation is such a big topic, you can learn more about it on its own post. […]

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